Les Freres Jo is shorthand for Les Freres Joachim, or, in English, The Brothers Joachim.

Their blog: http://lesfreresjoachim.com/ is one of my personal favorites and is among one of the most quietly influential ‘menswear’ blogs that I know of. Loïc and Swann Joachim are just that fine and dandy.

The brothers can also be found on twitter, pinterest, facebook and beyond. Starting with the link above, you almost can’t miss them!

When I speak to their exposure and influence, it isn’t without evidence or example. Why take my word for it, when you can look to luxury, clothing and accessories line, GANT RUGGER for a co-sign.

This past Summer, Les Freres Joachim were recruited by the fast-growing brand to be the face(s) and ambassadors for the brand in the Joachim’s homeland of France. In fact, when GANT RUGGER arrived in France, Loïc and Swann were literally put in charge - and at the head - of the launch.

This was a move that intrigued me (and probably a great many far more well-known and successful online menswear personalities). Will there be more of these moves made?

The teaming of passionate and positive enthusiasts and specialists like Les Freres Jo and the like with a near-premium brand could really mean a change for the industry and its relationship with those of us living at the street level with and for this living and lifestyle.

 In the end, I saw that move as creative and business genius that honors not only Les Freres Jo, but also Mr. Christopher Bastin, the Founder and Creative Director of GANT RUGGER. Brave move and well-played on all sides. I hope it works out very well for all. Time for more power moves.

Yes, I’m looking at you, many and myriad favorite man-brands or mine!

Always on point.